Urban Vapors

This new urban feeling, hip vape shop is located in downtown Eugene off of 7th Ave.  The owners worked with both Kim and Michelle along with Brighter Homes to create a relaxing place to hang out and enjoy friends at Urban Vapors. All the lighting is LED.

Parking Lot LED Lighting

This LED flood lights up the parking lot for the employees leaving at night.  We set it up on a Intermatic timer switch with a photocell the light turns off at 10pm.

Office Storage Room Lighting

This storage room had these hanging LB type fixtures with the T12 lamps.  Using the existing mounting stems, we replaced the fixtures with LED LB wrap fixtures.  The look was the same, however, the maintenance issues of replacing burnt out lamps will no longer be needed.

Shop Lighting

This shop is lit with T5 high output fixtures.  With the work that the owner does in the shop, he needed a lot of light. The upstairs loft area is just storage, so the use of fluorescent fixtures with shrouds was an inexpensive way to have good light without a huge expense.

LED Sign Lighting

These RAB LED spot lights give this cool cone at the Red Wagon Creamery just enough of a highlight to see it in the evening.  Check out more LED lighting by this company at: https://www.rabweb.com/

Heating System – Pfeiffer Winery

When the Pfeiffers’ made this beautiful pavilion, they wanted their guest to be able to enjoy the space year round and not be cold.  To accomplish this, we provided Infratech Heaters thoughout the pavilion. These heaters evenly keep warm people as they enjoy their visit.  These are an Infra-red heat which will warm objects, not the air.  This leaves you very comfortable while enjoying your wine in the pavilion.  For other Infratech products, please go to their website: http://infratech-usa.com/.  These heaters work wonderful in outdoor residential gathering places as well.

LED High Bay Lights

These LED High Bays from Big Ass Solutions are kicking out 26,500 lumens per fixture.  These fixtures are mounted at 22′ off the floor and produce approximately 90 foot candles at floor level, giving this shop nice, bright and even light.