Parking Lot LED Lighting

This LED flood lights up the parking lot for the employees leaving at night.  We set it up on a Intermatic timer switch with a photocell the light turns off at 10pm.

Fairmount House

This is a project in the Hendrick’s Park area of Eugene with Six Degrees Construction.  With the help of the architect and the homeowner, Balanced Electric was able to help create the electrical and lighting plan for this residence.  The homeowner pick out some wonderful fixtures which create a warm, old feel to this completely remodeled home.

Dining Room LED Conversions

This dining room area was filled with rows of track heads.  Between the combination of the compact fluorescent and incandescent lamps that were burnt out, the lighting was poor.  The tracks were removed and 6″ recessed cans were cut in.  Sylvania LED retrofit trims were installed.  Controlling the new lighting with dimmers, this dining room has a very comfortable feeling and is well lit.

Office Storage Room Lighting

This storage room had these hanging LB type fixtures with the T12 lamps.  Using the existing mounting stems, we replaced the fixtures with LED LB wrap fixtures.  The look was the same, however, the maintenance issues of replacing burnt out lamps will no longer be needed.

Unique Fixtures

This customer bought this really cool fixture from Great Britian.  It came in a wood crate with each piece wrapped individually and no assembly instructions.  Michelle met with the customer before the installation to see what would be needed to complete the installation.  The customer purchased a couple of more parts from our local Brighter Homes store along with LED lamps.  With lots of determination, the puzzle was completed and the customer was very happy with her new dining room fixture.

Fairmount Kitchen

This is a project that we worked with Six Degrees Construction (  The home owners worked with us to create this unique electrical lighting plan.  The homeowner knew the look that she wanted and together we were able to create a very cool layout of lighting.  The fixtures are all unique and work very well with each room.

Misc Kitchens

Kitchen lighting is our specialty.  We truly enjoy seeing the final product of the most used space in your home. Kitchens not only act as a place to cook, they are usually where you gather and chat with friends and family.  Just like the old saying:  “No matter where I serve my guest, they always seem to like my kitchen the best.”  Using LED lamps and LED trim kits in recessed cans has become the common lighting for almost all of the kitchens that we are working on.  LED under cabinet lighting is another wonderful accent to the work space.  With all of these options dimmable, it’s easy to create a very comfortable space.  Sometimes just replacing your existing kitchen lighting with the new LED options can greatly improve your lighting.

E. 40th Kitchen Project

Michelle worked with the homeowners to design the kitchen lighting layout.  With all LED’s being used, this kitchen is not only energy efficient, it is also well lit.  The under cabinet lighting is also LED.  The exterior back yard lighting is well lit with dimmable LED lighting.