Generac Generator Service

Balanced Electric has (2) factory trained employees to service your Generac Air Cooled Generator.  Proper maintenance and proper and safe operation is crucial to the life of the generator.  Genuine Generac parts MUST be used to ensure warranty coverage.

It is important to perform Maintenance as specified in the Service Schedule for proper generator operation and to ensure that the generator complies with the applicable emissions standards for the duration of its useful life.  Service and repairs may be performed by any qualified service person or repair shop.  Additionally, emission critical maintenance must be performed as scheduled in order for the Emissions Warranty to be valid.  Emissions critical maintenance consists of servicing the air filter and spark plugs in accordance with the Service Schedule.  The controller will prompt for Schedule A or Schedule B maintenance to be performed.  Schedule A maintenance consists of the oil, oil filter and tune-up.  Schedule B maintenance includes the oil, oil filter, tune-up, air cleaner, spark plug(s) and valve clearance.

Generac suggests changing the oil and filter and check the valve clearance after the first 25 hours of operation.  This is all included in our Annual Maintenance Service Agreement.